Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"without the darkness, we would never see the stars" - Anais Nin

Kelli Frances Corrado is a folktronica singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Coupling bittersweet, ethereal vocals with grandiose violins, cellos and autoharp, underscored by a sinister metronome of pulsing drums and loops, her tracks are dark, atmospheric and enchanting. Staying true to her Roma ancestry, she has had a nomadic history as a tap dancer, military-wife, social worker, and music teacher. Taking an innovative approach to arranging, recording in an assortment of weird and wonderful places, including a seaplane port, church, boat house, warehouse with six-second reverb and an old school from the 1900's. Working with a wish list mix of artists like Brian Deck (Iron and Wine/Califone), Jeffery Mcnulty (Vera Project), Shawn Hatfield (Amon Tobin) and other cool folk. Her music has been home to recordings, sound installations, grants and artist-in-residency programs.Touring extensively, performing at cavernous venues like E’space B Paris, to critically acclaimed theater On The Boards, Seattle. Songs are featured on a widespread of Stations from the BBC6 London to Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle. Currently, Kelli is on tour in support of her newest release SHEPHERDESS on Flat Field Records.

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Female Pressure

New York, Montreal & Boston
October 8-18
*Details TBA
April 2- Oppenheimer Cafe, UPS campus, Tacoma with Bardo Basho
April 4- Club 66, Ashland OR with Wind Burial
April 11- Fingers Crossed, Vancouver, CA with Bardo Basho
April 17 -Deadbeat Records, Olympia, WA with Bardo Basho
April 18- Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA
April 24- Sushi House, Bellingham, WA
April 25- KPTZ, Port Townsend, WA
April 25-  Cellar Door, Port Townsend, WA with The Spider Ferns
November 21- in studio performance, KRBX Radio, Boise
November 22- The Lair, Boise
November 9-  Music Millennium Record Store, Portland
November 8-  in studio performance, KPTZ Radio, Port Townsend
November 8-  Boiler Room, Port Townsend
October 24- The Harvey Girls Release, Portland
October 18- Plastic Jet Airline- interview/live webcast
October 17- Josephine, Seattle
October 11- The Charleston, Bremerton
October 9- Kremwerk, Seattle
October 4- Fierce Fest, Bellingham
October 2- Copper Owl, Victoria BC
August 19-Alternative Library,Bellingham
August 9- Summit Block Party, Seattle 
August 7- Saul Conrad Release show, Rendezvous, Seattle
July 20-  Hollow Earth radio
July 14- Guest DJ on Yonic Boom, Hollow Earth Radio
June 30- Sunset Tavern, Seattle
June 21- Mutiny Radio performance/interview SF, CA
 June 20- Brainwash Cafe, SF, CA
 June 14- Release Show, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
 May 10- Fantagraphics/Georgetown Records in-store, Seattle
 April 21- KBOO radio PDX, performance/interview 2pm
April 17- Hollow Earth Radio interview
April 11- Alternative Library, Bellingham
April 5- Teatro De La Psycholamachia, Seattle
March 2- Hollow Earth Radio Magma Fest
September 22- Barboza, Seattle
July 26- Mix, Seattle
May 27- Vera Project. Seattle
May 17- Columbia City Theater, Seattle
March 23- Charleston, Bremerton
March 16- Da'daedal Festival, Seattle
March 3- Teatro Psychomachia, Seattle
January 30- No Sleep presents Vermillion Gallery, Seattle
2013- Folk Life Festival, Seattle
2011 -EMP Muesum, Seattle
2010- NW New Works, On The Boards theater, Seattle

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On the Boards
Summit Block Party

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