Give the Gift of Music. 
Lessons: Guitar, Piano And/Or Songwriting Classes

Kelli Frances has been teaching for over 10 years, specializing in helping the beginner start. She received her first grant from The Grammy Foundation (who sponsored her first tour) and recently was awarded a grant from the Seattle Office of Culture and Arts to create and teach a workshop for young female indentifying songwriters. She has studied piano and guitar for 16 years, intensive operatic vocals and aural training under Dorthy Klotzman (Julliard) and Ann Bersgama (daughter of composer William Bergsma). 

Kelli Frances create a individualized lesson plan for each student. This is based in theory, technique and student goals with an emphasis on creative expression. Music is a language based on listening and creative expression. She teaches music theory but encourages each student to find their own voice.

BOOKING-If you are interested in booking with a lesson, availability changes all the time, please contact Kelli's assistant Daniela to set up a trial lesson or if you have any questions-

For group lessons, workshops and residencies, pricing varies on time and location. Lessons are available in the United States and abroad. Please contact directly for scheduling and rates outside of the Seattle area.



30 minutes- $35

45 minutes- $45

60 minutes- $60


60 minutes- $40 (this class meets on Saturday, times may very please contact for more information.

*Scholarships-There are two sliding scale scholarships offered. Currently, they are both filled. Please contact Daniela, Kelli's assistant to be put on a waiting list. .

*Online lessons via Skype/Facetime are available also. Please contact Daniela for rates and times as they vary from above listing.

SUMMER CAMP- Songwriting For Young Creatives

This one week songwriting summer camp is for ages 6-12 at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle, WA. The camp runs from July 23-27, 8am-12pm. The cost is $300, there is a $100 deposit required which is full refundable until June 24. There are also two sliding scale scholarships available for 2018. To register please contact-

Clients and Affliates Include;

*Private students ages 4 and up
*Rock School                                                                                                                              *Williemae Rock School For Girls
*Ballard Music and Dance Academy
*CampFire- Camp Sealth
*Power Chord Academy
*Seattle Girls School
*Intiman Theater

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