photo by Kook Teflon

                          photo by Kook Teflon

Kelli Frances Corrado is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She is a quilt of memories and mysticism. Growing up in Chicago, she would sneak out during school nights to see hip hop shows and spend Sundays learning prayer rituals taught by a Bohemian Czech grandmother. This set a unique musical foundation. Leading her to pursue opera training, string arranger, beat making and classical poetry. Giving voice to her spiritual beliefs. She has lived many lives before putting her heart in song: social worker, student, tap dancer, teacher, wanderer. Living in the Black Forest, London and by the sea. These patches of experience bring together a musical broth of magical realism and urban life ripe of lucid dreams and superstition. 

Her quirky and enchanting dreamworld opened in 2012 with debut release 'Diamond Matter'Aphonia Recordings. Noticed first by the almighty Ruth Barnes BBC6/ Resonance FM Radio, a feature in feminist blog 'The Girls Are...' and a grant from The Grammy Foundation. With her sophomoric release 'SHEREPHERDESS' on Flat Field Records, brought a richly layered blanket of sight and sound. With videos 'Swan Initiativehighlighted by NME and 'Lonely, Samba Style' premiered in Stackedd Magazine and played on OKTV Vienna by artist CHRA from labels Comfort Zone/Blackest ever Black

Kelli Frances wandering spirit comes through in her recording choices. Using weird and wonderful places- a seaplane port, boat house, warehouse with six second reverb and an old school from the 1900's. Bringing in an assortment of talented musicians and producers: Brian Deck/Iron & Wine, Adrienne Davies/Earth, Derek Terran/Wind Burial, Grant Olsen/Gold Leaves, Shawn Hatfield/Amon Tobin, Caitlin Olive on violin and Jeffery Mcnulty as engineer and co-producer on all three releases.

Newest Release, Book of Echoes is a musical story book of 7 songs about 7 archangels and 7 personal healing lessons. Each song is written (according to the lore) in the key of the archangel. The songs are chapters to a two year time span which tells the story of 7 healing lessons on learning on how to be strong in moments of vulnerability when the journey is not clear. Two additional tracks are spoken word pieces to further explore the influence and connectedness of the ancient mythologies and the personal experience, released on Flat Field Records. Grrrls With Guitars gave Book of Echoes a four star review and Kelli Frances first cover feature. Music video 'The Roses Courage' was premiered at The Sunset in Seattle at a benefit for non-profit Skate Like A Girl, co-sponsored by Female Pressure and Tom Tom MagazineTom Tom Magazine interviewed Kelli Frances. 'The Roses Courage' features female skateboarders from the 'The Skate Witches' collective. Second single 'Rafeal' was featured on NPR's Radio One Chicago show as well Kelli Frances being interviewed. Kelli Frances also solely produced her first music video for song 'Rafeal' which was listed in Feminatronic top 10 for 2017.

In between her adventures, she is an active member of the Female:Pressure collective and hosts a monthly radio show called 'The Witching Hour' on Hollow Earth Radio. The show focuses on music and healing, featuring a wide range of music and artist/healer interviews. 



'You sing like an angel, the spirit guides tell me'- Lori Bruno, High Priestess Strega Witch

'If David Lynch is considering new contenders to serves as chanteuse for the Twin Peaks reboot Kelli Frances Corrado should be high on the list'-Ma'Chell Duma La Vassar, Stackedd

'The haunting black forest divinity that is Kelli Frances Corrado'- Kim Selling, The Stranger

'Love the vocals, love the strings XO" - Johnny Jewel, producer, Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire. 

'Kelli Frances Corrado is the Betty Davis of Seattle' -Matt Sullivan, co-founder, Light in The Attic Records

'Songwriter Kelli Frances Corrado crafts music that feels like they have one foot in our reality and the other in some unknown nebulous. She is not bound by the confines of your mortal genres.' - Dusty Henry, Pre/Amp

'Deliciously seductive, Kelli's songs get into your head and under your skin, like an obsessive teenage crush. Keep a close watch on this one.'- Jane Bradley, The Girls Are...

'Corrado crafts songs that hit like magic spells, the cellos and synthesizers beckon you to dance under a blood moon' -AJ Dent, The Drainage

'Her sounds is so unique that I can’t compare it to anything else' - Hannah Golightly, Grrrls With Guitars



*Arts Corps Sponsorship 2018 (on going)

*Seattle Office of Arts and Culture 2014 smART Venture Grant

*Community Supported Arts of  WA 2013

*Rauschenberg Foundation 2012

*The Grammy Foundation 2011