September 21- Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL

September 19- TBA Milwaukee, WI

September 18- House Show (email booking.kellifrancescorrado@gmail.com for details), Minneapolis, MN

September 16- Blockhouse, Bloomington, IN

September 15- TBA Columbus, OH

September 14- Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH

September 12- Slims, Raleigh, NC

September 11- TBA, Charlotte, NC

September 10- TBA, Chapel Hill, NC

September 8- Station One House, Lancaster, PA

September 7- True Vine Records, Baltimore, MD

September 6- Brooklyn Wildlife Summerfest, Bohemian Grove, Brooklyn, NY

June 2- Riverwest FemFest - Company Brewing outdoor stage, Milwaukee, WI

May 25- Glass Records Present: A Night of Madness, Thought/Forms Gallery, Denver, CO

April 27- Communications, Madison, WI

April 25- Quarters, Milwaukee, WI

April 19- Between Two Ferns, Kalamazoo, MI

April 15- Songbyrd, Washington, D.C. 

April 14- The Kaleidoscope, Lancaster, PA

April 13- The Pharmacy, Philadelphia, PA

April 11- Babyland, Pittsburgh, PA

April 9- Gamba Forest, Brooklyn, NY

April 5- MACROCK Festival, Harrisonburg, VA


October 20- Nii Modo (S.S.Emerald going away party), Seattle, WA

October 18- Sunset, Seattle, WA

September 30-House show, Chicago, Il (email booking.kellifrancescorrado@gmail for address)

September 27- Blockhouse, Bloomington, IN

September 26- Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee, WI

September 25- Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL

September 24- Punk Bowling at Memory Lanes, Minneapolis MN

September 23- Gabe's, Iowa City, IA

September 22- Communication, Madison, WI

September 16- The Pharmacy, afternoon show 3pm, Philadelphia, PA

September 15- Babyland, Pittsburgh, PA

September 13- Songbyrd, Washington, DC

September 8- The Kaleidoscope, Lancaster, PA

September 7- Station One Studios, Lancaster, PA

September 6 -Twisted Branch, Charlottesville, VA

September 5 Brooklyn Wildlife Presents Summerfest, Bizarre Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

April 13- Le Merde, special acoustic set, Seattle, WA

April 11- Where The Wild Things Are? Presented by Brooklyn Wildlife at Bizarre Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

April 8- WEMF presents show at ZuZu/The Middle East, Cambridge, MA

April 7- The Mothership, Philadelphia, PA

April 5- The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plains Boston, MA

April 1- The Footlight, Queens, NY

January 20- Brooklyn Wildlife promoter Chris Carr's Birthday Party, Paperbox, Brooklyn, NY


October 12- Sunset Taven, Seattle, WA

September 23- Vera Project, Seattle, WA

September 16- Amity Teen Center, Woodbridge, CT

September 15- Feminist Fiber Art Present an evening of Art and Music, Trixie's Palace, Boston, MA

September 14- The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain Boston, MA

September 12- WEMF presents, Tavern at The End of The World, Charleston, MA

September 11- WEMF Radio, The Underbelly Show, interview/in-studio performance, Boston, MA

September 8 - Brooklyn Wildlife Summerfest, Lantern Hall, Brooklyn , NY

September 6-  Footlight, Queens, NY

August 31- Radio One Chicago WLUW 88.7 FM,In-studio Interview,Chicago, IL

August 29- Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL

June 25- Brooklyn Wildlife Presents, after party at 8pm, Gamba Forest, Brooklyn, NY

June 25- Brooklyn Wildlife Presents, Performances & Discussion: Misogyny in entertainment, Gamba Forest,                        Brooklyn, NY  3-8pm

June 10- Georgetown Carnival, Georgetown Music Acoustic Armageddon Stage, Seattle, WA

February 9- Daswassup Gigs Presents, Victory Lounge, Seattle, WA 


December 31- Brooklyn Wildlife Present And Gamba Forrest, New Years Eve Party, Gamba Forrest, Brooklyn, NY

December 16- Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA

November 5- Alternative Library, Bellingham, WA

October 6- Female:Pressure and Tom Tom Magazine Showcase/Benefit for Skate Like a GirlThe Sunset, Seattle

October 3- Interview on Yonic Boom Show, Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA

September 15- The Midway Way Cafe, Jamaica Plain Boston, MA

September 14- Radio Bean, Burlington, VT

September 12- (early evening) In studio performance on Dirty Douglas Show on WUML Radio Lowell, MA

September 12- WEMF RAdio present, PA Lounge, Somerville, MA

September 13- UnchARTed Gallery, Lowell, MA

September 11- Gulu Gulu Cafe, Salem, MA

September 9- Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Fest, SECRET show RSVP only- bkwildlife@gmail.com, Brooklyn, NY

April 20- L'Escalier, Montréal QC

April 16- Brooklyn Music Video Festival presented by Brooklyn Wildlife and 95 Lens. Event sponsored by The Fader, 255 McKibbin Lofts, Brooklyn, NY

April 15- Brooklyn Wildlife presents Sir Kn8 release show, Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY

March 4- #shoutyourabortion VOLUME #2 MIXTAPE release show, put out by B.R.A.T. Records and co-presented by Daswasup Gigs, Black Lodge, Seattle, WA


December 19- Trash City and Snail Production Event, Fingers Crossed Studio, Vancouver, CA

November 15- Showdeer event, Vatlentines, Portland, OR

November 12- Twilight Gallery art opening, Seattle, WA

October 23- Female:Pressure showcase co-presented by Discwoman and Tom Tom Magazine event, Basement Bar, Brooklyn, NY

September 19- Gatas y Vatas music festival, The Vera project, Seattle, WA

August 7- Female:Pressure on Frission Radio, Session #8, 1 hour broadcast, Berlin

July 8- Highline Bar, Seattle, WA

June 30- Sushi House, Bellingham (private house show, email for directions)

June 12- Beats and Boho, Seattle, WA

April 25- KPTZ, Port Townsend, WA

April 25-  Cellar Door, Port Townsend, WA

April 18- Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA

April 17 -Deadbeat Records, Olympia, WA

April 11- Fingers Crossed, Vancouver, CA 

April 4- Club 66, Ashland OR 

April 2- Oppenheimer Cafe, UPS campus, Tacoma, WA


November 22- The Lair, Boise , ID

November 21- in studio performance, KRBX Radio, Boise, ID

November 9-  Music Millennium Record Store, Portland, OR

November 8-  in studio performance, KPTZ Radio, Port Townsend, WA

November 8-  Boiler Room, Port Townsend, WA

October 18- Plastic Jet Airline- interview/live webcast , WA

October 17- Josephine, Seattle, WA

October 11- The Charleston, Bremerton, WA

October 9- Kremwerk, Seattle, WA

October 4- Fierce Fest, Bellingham, WA 

October 2- Copper Owl, Victoria BC

August 19-Alternative Library,Bellingham, WA

August 9- Summit Block Party, Seattle, WA

August 7- Rendezvous, Seattle, WA

July 20-  Hollow Earth radio Seattle, WA

July 14- Guest DJ on Yonic Boom, Hollow Earth Radio Seattle, WA

June 30- Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA

June 21- Mutiny Radio performance/interview SF, CA

 June 20- Brainwash Cafe, SF, CA

 June 14- Release Show, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Seattle, WA

 May 10- Fantagraphics/Georgetown Records in-store, Peter Bagge's opening party, Seattle WA

 April 21- KBOO radio, performance/interview 2pm, Portland, OR

April 17- Hollow Earth Radio interview Seattle, WA

April 11- Alternative Library, Bellingham, WA

April 5- Teatro De La Psycholamachia, Seattle, WA

March 2- Hollow Earth Radio Magma Fest Seattle, WA


2018 Brooklyn Wildlife Presents Summerfest, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Brooklyn Wildlife Presents Summerfest, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Georgetown Carnivale, Seattle, WA

2016 Brooklyn Wildlife Presents Summerfest, Brooklyn, NY

2015- Gata Y Vatas experimental Women's Festival, Vera Project, Seattle, WA

2014- Fierce Festival, Bellingham, WA

2014- Summit Block Party, Seattle, WA

2014- Hollow Earth Radio Magma Fest

2013- Folk Life Festival, Seattle, WA

2011 -EMP Museum, Seattle, WA

2011- NW New Works, On The Boards theater, Seattle, WA